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Links to Resources for Graduate Students and Faculty

Links Relevant to New Graduate Assistants

Links Relevant to New Faculty

  • University of Hawaii Professional Assembly— The UH faculty union:
  • UH Office of Research Services— Where to go for information on submitting research proposals, indirect cost rates, grant writing resources, and other UH research-related information and policies:
  • Institutional Review Board— The Committee on Human Studies, through which UH research involving human subjects needs to pass, includes information, guidelines, and forms:

Useful Links to Information on Disability Legislation and Resources (Good Places to Start)

Hawaii resources and information

National resources and information: Disability Laws


  • is a Web site that allows you to search for funding opportunities in all grant making federal agencies. It also includes resources related to grant writing.

There are new useful sites added to the Internet all the time. These sites will give you a good starting point, but please also use Internet search engines such as or to find the latest information and resources.