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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a UH Faculty or Staff I.D.?

Fill out the request for Faculty/Staff I.D. application form, sign and submit to the F.O. for signature. Your nte (not to exceed) date will be based upon the award period of your grant. It will have to be renewed annually.

With this card you will be able to access library services, discounts on selected merchandise at the bookstore, discounted movie tickets, & discounted staff tickets at the campuses.

For RCUH employees, contact the RCUH personnel office.

How do I set up my e-mail?

To request a UH Email Account, point your Web browser to:, and complete the form to request a UH ID. If you have any problems requesting a UH ID, you can contact ITS at 956-8883 for assistance.

How do I get a parking permit?

Contact the CDS personnel officer (Colleen) to send a memo to the parking office for a permit. You will be required to park in zone 20 (parking structure) and will be charged by the semester. You may renew your parking permit through the application process every April. The application form can be retrieved and filled out on the Web site ( Your fees may be deducted from your paycheck. RCUH employees must request a memo from RCUH & UH.

You can also check the Korean Church on Metcalf. They charge $90 per semester.

How do I get a key to my office?

Your supervisor may have a key to your office. If not, a work request must be filled out to cut a key. You will be responsible for the key. A $25 fee will be charged to you if lost. It may take a month depending upon the workload at Facilities.

When do I get paid? When is my first paycheck?

Your first paycheck will take between 6-8 weeks after your start date. This depends upon when your hire has been approved and when it was sent down to payroll. Employees on BU 03 & 08 will receive checks on the 5th & 20th of each month and will be paid on a lag-payroll system (2 weeks.) Those on BU 07 will be paid on the 15th & 30th of each month and will be paid on a non-lag payroll system. RCUH employees will receive checks on the 7th and 22nd of each month. A timesheet must be submitted. RCUH employees are paid on a non-lag system.

Do we get vacation & sick leave, holidays?

Faculty positions (100% fte) (Researchers, & Specialists), APT positions (IT Specialists, Ed Specialists, Adm. Positions) Civil Service, RCUH positions accumulate 14 hours of vacation & 14 hours sick leave per month and 13 holidays a year. (50% fte) positions get ½ of the total hours. There is no maximum sick leave but a maximum of 90 working days of vacation. Any excess vacation will be forfeited if not taken. Assistant Professor, Assoc. Professor, & Professor appointments do not receive accumulated vacation but are on a 1 month or 3 month off-duty period depending on their position appointment (11 month or 9 month). RCUH employees receive a maximum of 10 days.

Do we get health benefits?

Regular Hire Positions (50% - 100% fte) will receive health benefits. Health benefits are provided by EUTF. A portion of the monthly fee will be paid by your employer depending upon the union contract of your bargaining unit. For more information on the health plan, please go to RCUH provides health benefits to their employees.

Do we have a retirement plan? When do I become vested?

The State Retirement System offers a non-contributory plan. You become vested after 10 years of service. Please check the retirement information in your packet for further details. You can set up an additional 403-B plan. Check on the Web site address: For RCUH employees the employer contributes 10% of your salary to a retirement plan. For more information go to and click on Human Resources.

What is the procedure if I want to take sick leave or vacation leave?

Go to, complete Form-1, sign and submit to your supervisor for approval and turn it in to the CDS office. For sick leave, if over 5 days you will need a doctor’s slip. For RCUH employees, your sick leave and vacation are submitted on your time sheet.

Do we get a tuition waiver?

Yes, if you are a full-time employee you can receive up to 6 credits per semester and at 1/2 time 3 credits per semester. This must be approved by your supervisor. You must enroll during late registration. A form is provided in your packet.

For RCUH employees, you are allowed 3 credits per semester but it must be job related. You will have to pay up front and request for reimbursement.

Do we belong to a union?

Faculty positions are under the UHPA union (BU07). (You can access the union Web sites through A service fee will be deducted from your paycheck whether you join or not. It is listed on your paycheck as SD. You will be sent a packet with information and a form to join. APT (BU08) & Civil service (BU03) positions are under the HGEA union ( The same applies above. RCUH employees do not belong to a union.

I am a regular hire? Is my position permanent or temporary?

All positions paid by federal funds are considered temporary and non-tenured. Your appointment will be extended upon availability of funds and performance.

I am an RUCH employee. What is the difference between that and a UH position?

RCUH (Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii) has an agreement with the University of Hawaii to administer all extramural accounts. All of our federal projects are administered by RCUH. RCUH positions are another outlet for our grants to create positions that do not meet the same criteria as UH positions. There is more flexibility in minimum qualifications, creating positions that only require a high school or assoc. degree and provide a broader range of salaries.

OHR is only approving temporary appointments through RUCH with a maximum of one year. Eventually, all RCUH positions will be phased out.

Can I get reimbursed for mileage if it is work related?

Yes, you can get reimbursed for mileage if it is work related. You will be required to fill out the mileage form each month. You will need to keep a daily record of your mileage (date, destination (including address) and purpose of trip).

Submit this form on a monthly basis. The rate is 37.5 cents per mile.

How do I get a computer, a deck, supplies, etc. for my project? Can I just buy and get reimbursed?

Please see your administrative person of your project to purchase supplies. Do not purchase it on your own and intend to get reimbursed without authorization.

If I’m traveling on my project what do I need to do?

Before traveling you must fill out a travel request form and receive department approval. Please plan appropriately so that there will be enough time to process the request. Please see your administrative person if you need help in filling out the form and what other information you will need to turn in with your travel request. Be sure to keep all original receipts. This must be turned in within 7 working days of your return trip.