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Newborn Hearing Screening - Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)

Develop a newborn hearing screening program to screen all newborns by one month of age, provide a diagnostic evaluation by three months of age, and enroll identified infants with a significant hearing loss in early intervention services by six months of age.

Team Members
  • Jean Johnson, DrPH, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor                
  • Chinilla Peter, MBA, RMI EHDI Coordinator, Junior Specialist (Marshallese)
  • Agnes Flood-Tse, RN, Screening Supervisor and Data Coordinator (Kiribati)
  • Juana Tabali-Weir, BA, Administrative Assistant (Hawaiian)
  • Norah Lieman, RN, Screener (Chuukese)
  • Sensiana Amon, RN, Screener (Ponapean)
  • Litia Cama, RN, Screener (Fijian)
  • Yusnita Weirather, AuD, Pediatric Audiologist (Indonesia)
  • Nancy Rushmer, MA, Parent Specialist
  • Richard Wagner, MD, ENT Specialist
  • Suzanne Laskowski, MA, Deaf Educator
  • Ray Miner, MA, Audiologist and Calibration Technician
Project Dates
Project Start Date: 
September, 2012
Project End Date: 
March, 2017
Project Funding
Funding Agency: 
HRSA- Health Resources and Services Administration
Primary Contact
Dr. Jean Johnson
Principal Investigator