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Interdisciplinary Certificate and Coursework in Disability and Diversity Studies

The Interdisciplinary Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies (DDS) is a 15 credit graduate level (master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral) program sponsored by the Center on Disability Studies (CDS) in the College of Education. CDS also offers both graduate and undergraduate level Disability Studies courses that can be taken as electives. An interdisciplinary approach to disability and diversity issues, the program attracts students across disciplines including, but not limited to, education, social work, psychology, computer science, sociology, public health, law, nursing, and political science. Students participate in interdisciplinary experiences with the goal to acquire skills in joint planning, decision-making, goal setting and to understand contemporary disability issues, research, and effective practices from a social, political, cultural and historical context.

All courses are offered through distance education. Non-residents (international and out of state students) may apply for DDS courses through Outreach College and pay in-state tuition rates.

Disability and Diversity Studies

Professional Development: 'Talking With Pictures': Photovoice - June 2-10, 2018

Learn about an innovative way to engage people with disabilities and others in health!

For 25 years, “Photovoice” has involved people with disabilities, patients, youth, families and communities in representing their lives, point of view, and experience using photos and captions. Photovoice is a participatory approach to understanding and communication that encourages dialogue and mutual learning. It generates powerful data on health, community, and lives. It engages participants, professionals, and the public in identifying opportunities for change, fostering knowledge and awareness, and helping people to feel their ‘voices’ are heard.


Learn more about Photovoice

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Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd is an award-winning educator with international experience communicating with global audiences. A published author, she has used Photovoice to engage people with brain injury in health, healthcare, and policy. For more, go to

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