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Strategies to Support English Learners in Math: Course Available through Outreach College

DIS 682:  Special Topics in Disability and Diversity Studies  (Reading Comprehension in Math for ELL)

This course presents evidence-based strategies that support language and literacy skills for English Learners in the content area of math. Students/You will study:

  1. current evidence-based practices for teaching reading comprehension,
  2. use and interpretation of assessment tools to monitor progress, and
  3. the use of technology to support culturally and linguistically diverse students reading at the K-8 levels. 

You will also participate in weekly on-line discussions, write weekly learning reflections, and implement an 8-week case study with 2-3 students who are non-native speakers of English.  You will learn how to develop WIDA standards and proficiency-based lesson plans in order to teach and integrate language skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing), as well as reading comprehension in content-based lessons.

Register through Outreach College (Extension): CRN 3480. 3-credit course, online via Laulima, Spring 2017, 1/9/17 – 5/12/17.