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CDS Faculty Meet Former Visiting Scholar in Tokyo

Photo: CDS  Faculty with Takuro Hatakeyama

Dr. Jean Johnson and Dr. Robert Johnson visited with Dr. Takuro Hatakeyama during a trip to Tokyo in October 2016. Dr. Hatakeyama, a Professor of Engineering at Wasada University in Yokohama, was a visiting scholar at CDS in 2014. His area of research is assistive devices for people with significant disabilities, including those who are deaf and blind. Dr. Hatakeyama last visited CDS during the 2016 Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities and Diversities. He is current receiving medical treatment at Showa University Hospital. Present for the visit were Dr. Hatakeyama's wife Akiko and his daughter Reiko. Upon the completion of his medical treatment, Dr. Hatakeyama plans to attend the 2017 Pacific Rim Conference.