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CDS Receives New Five Year Award from the DOE's Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program

The proposed five-year project, entitled Twice Exceptional students Achieving and Matriculating in STEM (TEAMS), will scale up and evaluate a model designed to increase the number of underrepresented students who perform at high levels of academic achievement through gifted and talented education programs.

The overarching goal of TEAMS is to increase the number of high school students with disabilities (SWD) identified as “scientifically promising,” defined by high levels of academic achievement in science, and intent to enroll and actual enrollment in postsecondary STEM programs. TEAMS Model is a 3-pronged model, built upon two evidence based models: Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichment Model (Renzulli Model), effective for serving the needs of gifted and diverse learners, and the Pacific Alliance (PacA) model, effective for increasing the number of high school and college SWD entering, persisting in, and succeeding in STEM fields. For the intervention, trained TEAMS mentors will provide 100 after school hours of (1) academic enrichment (80 hrs.); (2) mentoring on disability and STEM interest building (10 hrs.); and (3) college transition supports (10 hrs.) over 20 weeks in one school year. TEAMS will also create and utilize Communities of Practice at intervention group schools to support the implementation of the intervention, assess students’ progress and products, and evaluate the effectiveness of the TEAMS Model.

PR/Award # S206A140012
Grantee: University of Hawaii
Contact: Hye Jin Park
Phone: 808-956-9856