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CDS Hosts International Visiting Scholar from Tsuda College in Tokyo, Japan

Photo: Kuni Shibata

CDS welcomes Dr. Kuniomi "Kuni" Shibata from Tsuda College, Tokyo Japan!

Dr. Shibata is hosted by Dr. JoAnn Yuen and Dr. Jean Johnson at the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is an Associate Professor of Graduate School of International & Cultural Studies, Director of the Inclusive Education Support Division for Students with Disabilities, and Chair of the Steering Committee, Media Studies Courses at Tsuda College. He will be with CDS through February of 2017.

Dr. Shibata's research interests include Information Communication Technology, Early Intervention of Listening and Speech, and his scholarship in Hawaii will involve the following focus: developing multicultural and diverse approaches to learning language for students in Japan who are hard of hearing, and developing tablet computer applications for children with disabilities.

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