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Upcoming Changes at RDS

Image: RDS Journal

Aloha Disability Studies Community:

I wanted to update you on some new and exciting changes coming your way from The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS). Starting in January, 2015, with Volume 11, The Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii will utilize an open systems journal management program to offer you RDS entirely online. Although we are proud of our beautiful print edition, it has become too costly to produce. With the new online version, everything from submissions through manuscript review, publication and issue browsing will be easier to access and utilize. We will also be offering new content including an expansion of our creative works and disability studies practice sections.

A demonstration of the new and improved RDS will be launched this Fall and will be open to anyone who wishes to explore the site. Starting in January, 2015 the most current volume of RDS will only be available to subscribers. Subscription prices of the new format will remain the same ($25 for students, $50 for individuals, and $100 for libraries) with no additional cost for international subscriptions! Back issues of RDS will still be available online for free.

As a final note, I am sad to say that Steven Brown is retiring to the Foggy Bay Area and will be leaving us as Reviews Editor, and Holly Manaseri has recently moved to another position and will no longer be acting as Forums Editor. Both Steve and Holly have been invaluable to RDS and I will miss them greatly! However, this does mean that there will be new opportunities for those of you inside and outside of our Center to contribute to content development and editing of RDS. Stay tuned.

Please look for additional updates this Summer and Fall. Thank you to everyone who has supported RDS over our 10 year history and through our transition into the next 10 years!

Megan Conway
RDS Editor