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CDS Offers Online Asynchronous Course in Disability History and Culture

Disability History and Culture: From Homer to Hip Hop

Summer 2015(July 6-Aug. 14, 2015) - DIS 682: Special Topics in Disability
Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
An online (asynchronous-access at your own time), graduate level, 3 credit course


Dr. Steven Brown, Professor (Affiliate Faculty)
Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa

ALL Qualified Students Eligible for In-State Tuition

Overview of the history of disability from a disability studies perspective, a multidisciplinary and global approach to studying disability perspectives, focused on personal and collective responses to difference(s) based on disability.


  • Learn how a broad range of societies have treated people with disabilities.
  • Read & discuss policies, perceptions; living conditions; and roles of persons with disabilities historically, individually and collectively.
  • Address ideas of impairment; politics and legislation; diversity; advocacy; and education.
  • Historical perspectives will provide insight into current perceptions of disability issues.
  • Skills to be developed include critical thinking, organizing, and conveying information.


Graduate students in history & all other disciplines, including art, ethnic studies, psychology, political science, interdisciplinary studies, education, public policy, communications, American studies, special education, health sciences, sociology, architecture, & social work. and whatever else fits.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION (NOTE: This is a Summer Extension Course so the course is not listed in the Summer School Schedule). To register, go to:

Please read through prior to asking for assistance. Information you will need: The course number is DIS 682 441 and the CRN is 4140. Tuition & Fees: $608 per credit (Total $1824) plus $15 administrative fee. Please note: To register, non-UH students first complete an Outreach College application form

( (Application processing takes at least 5 working days.) Once the application has been processed, students will be notified and can log into MyUH to register.

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