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Educators Learn About Positive Engagement and Self- Care at Professional Development Workshop

Photo: Participant Feedback

One hundred educators attended an educational, fun– filled day of reflection, connection, and celebration hosted by The Hawaiʻi Preschool Positive Engagement Project (HPPEP). The full day professional development workshop focused on the power of positive engagement and self-care, reflecting on their roles as educators, identifying work values, creating personal vision statements, and building networks with others. Participants ranged from early educators to university professors who work in a variety of settings. HPPEP believes that creating “You Time” is essential to positively engaging with others. Happy (and healthy) teachers will change the world!

Some comments from our participants:

  •  “This workshop really empowered me to start living in alignment with my greatest good and highest passion. During the various self-reflective activities I was able to see how to live more authentically and congruent with my passion and values.”
  • “The connections not only came from the people to people contacts, but they also came from moments when I was sitting in quiet reflection, listening to the wisdom of others, and trying to connect what was being shared with what was actually going on within me and my life.”
  • “I was happy the entire day!! … This workshop was more than I expected and NEEDED!”
  • "This workshop has had a great impact on me personally in my outlook on teaching.  It has made me want to do it longer. Taking a break can be all it takes to rejuvenate… Not only for your students, but for yourself!”
  • “Professionally, I think this workshop geared me up to be ready for the challenges I will face, as well as the ability to stay focused and keep a healthy and proper perspective of giving to others through teaching.”
  • “This was a very valuable and motivating workshop for teachers of all ages.  Though I am just getting started in teaching, it has been a reminder to me to take good care of myself, so that I can be a valuable asset to the field of education.”

The Hawaiʻi Preschool Positive Engagement Project (HPPEP) was a US DOE Native Hawaiian Education Program grant run out of the College of Education’s Center on Disability Studies from July 2011 to February 2015. It was a strengths-based program designed to get preschool children off to a successful start in school through creating positive partnerships between students, families, and educators. HPPEP provided ongoing professional development for educators, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for students, and homeBase+ tips including book making for parents. To find out more about HPPEP please contact: Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka,

Photo caption: We asked participants to write three words that described the workshop then created a world cloud with their answers. The larger the word, the more that answer was repeated. The top descriptive responses were: Fun, Inspiring, Refreshing, Reflective, and Amazing.