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AUCD Fellows Present Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint for Systems Change

Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Redefining Leadership: The AUCD's Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint For Systems Change

Join the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship team to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion in University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs). The AUCD fellowship team is working with the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is working (AIDD) to enhance diversity and cultural competence of faculty, staff and students; cultivate partnerships; and respond to increasingly diverse communities across the country.

With diverse populations expected to grow in the coming years, addressing and eliminating disparities in education, service, training and leadership is a top priority for the disability community. AUCD is meeting this challenge by developing a Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint for disability researchers, service providers, educators, advocates, and other stakeholders. In this context, “diversity” is inclusive of culture, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion and disability. The blueprint is being informed by an advisory group of experts, findings from a literature review, exploration of existing diversity blueprints or strategic plans, individual interviews with stakeholders who currently live and/or work at the intersection of race and disability, and focus groups with community partners. This blueprint will provide guidance, resources, and activities in four key areas and is scheduled to be disseminated in September 2015.

AUCD Fellows/ Guest Speakers:

In this presentation, participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding about the Association of University Centers on Disabilities’ and Center on Disability Studies’ mission and role in the community.
  2. Learn about the Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint- - its purpose, progress to date, and plans for dissemination.
  3. Engage in open discussion about systems change with AUCD’s Diversity and Inclusion Fellows and other session participants.
  4. Reflect on their role in furthering and fostering diversity.

There will be two presentations by the AUCD Fellows:

  • Tuesday, May 19, 2015- Pac Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity (conference registration required), 9:45- 10:45 am
SEED: Student Equity Excellence Diversity

Thank you to SEED IDEAS for being a co-sponsor of this presentation:

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