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CDS Announces Three Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2015

DIS 383: "Disability History and Culture: From Homer to Hip Hop" CRN: 3098 (WRITING INTENSIVE)

Instructor: Dr. Steven E. Brown

Overview to the history of disability from a disability studies perspective, a multidisciplinary and global approach to studying disability perspectives, focused on personal and collective responses to difference(s) based on disability.

DIS 380 – Disability & Diversity Issues– CRN 3222

Instructor: Kiriko Takahashi

This course focuses on disability as a category of diversity and identity as well as diversity within disability. Different strategies used to increase the freedom or liberty of people with disabilities are critically examined.

DIS 382 – Creating Accessible Futures – CRN 3097

Instructor: Thomas Conway

Creating accessible technology and instructional media, developing long-term resources, advancing accessible social interaction between students and students with instructors, and using case studies as examples of good practices provide the focus of this course.

DIS 684 – Interdisciplinary Team Development – CRN 3099

Instructor: Dr. Kelly Roberts

This course provides opportunities for students to develop theoretical and applied family-centered and culturally sensitive approaches to building effective partnerships and facilitating collaborative teams with professionals, persons with disabilities, and their families.

DIS 687 – Seminar on Disabilities Issues – CRN 3100

Instructor: Dr. Megan Conway

A seminar which focuses on in-depth exploration of contemporary topics in disability studies and is inclusive of diverse viewpoints which include disability awareness, policy, and cultural perspectives.

DIS 671 - Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis - CRN 3322

Instructor: Dr. Carla Schmidt

This course focuses on ethics, concepts and principles, behavior change fundamentals and procedures, behavior change systems, and implementation, management and supervision as outlined by the BACB requisite coursework requirements.

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