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Photo: Madeline Harcourt

CDS Remembers Madeline Harcourt

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
Madeline Harcourt was a faculty member at the Center on Disability Studies, and a person with multiple hidden disabilities. She served as the Project Director for APPLAUD and as an Assistant Specialist for the Alliance for Inclusion Advancement-Hawaii project. She founded and chaired the Committee on Hidden Disabilities and was the creator and faculty advisor for the Hidden Disabilities Support Group.

Photo: Robert Stodden

CDS Celebrates the Career of Robert Stodden

Wed, 21 Jan 2015
Dr. Robert Stodden is the founding Director of the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has been a Professor of Education for the past 35 years, working closely with the Hawaii Department of Education and other state departments and programs. He has also served as President of several professional associations in the fields of educational evaluation and research.

25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act: 1990-2015

CDS Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Tue, 20 Jan 2015
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. The ADA is one of America's most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of American life -- to enjoy employment opportunities, to purchase goods and services, and to participate in State and local government programs and services.

CDS Announces Three Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2015

Fri, 09 Jan 2015
Disability and Diversity studies courses include: Disability History and Culture, Disability & Diversity Issues, Creating Accessible Futures, Interdisciplinary Team Development, Seminar on Disabilities Issues, and Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Photo: JoAnn Yuen

Dr. JoAnn Yuen Begins Term as New CDS Director

Mon, 05 Jan 2015
Dr. JoAnn Yuen is the new Director of the Center on Disability Studies (CDS) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She has been with the CDS for 16 years and most recently served as its Associate Director. Dr. Yuen is the first Native Hawaiian to serve as the director of a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), and the CDS is one of 67 UCEDDs serving U.S. states and territories.

RDS Journal

CDS Announces Special Issue of the RDS Journal to mark the 2015 Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

Tue, 09 Dec 2014
The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) will publish a special issue of the journal to mark the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity to take place in May, 2015. The special issue will be published in the Fall of 2015.

CDS Faculty Collaborate on Project to Provide Dynamic Experiences for Visually Impaired Visitors of National Parks

Thu, 04 Dec 2014
Assistant Professor Megan Conway and media coordinator Thomas Conway will assist an interdisciplinary research team led by Assistant Professor Brett Oppegaard in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The group will explore the use of digital communication to convert traditional “unigrid” brochures used at all national parks into an audio description-format that better serves visually-impaired audiences.

Photo: Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka

CDS Faculty Member Named 2015 AUCD Diversity and Inclusion Fellow

Tue, 02 Dec 2014
Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka was named 2015 AUCD Diversity and Inclusion Fellow. This one-year initiative is funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) to enhance diversity and cultural competence of faculty, staff and students; cultivate partnerships; respond to increasingly diverse communities across the country; and develop strategies for continuing efforts.

CDS Offers Seminar Course on Disability and Diversity Studies

Wed, 29 Oct 2014
This asynchronous online course covers history, definitions, attitudes, approaches to access, and legal issues worldwide regarding the intersection between disability and higher education. It compares and contrasts accommodation and universal design approaches to access with respect to specific practices, the roles of stakeholders, and the beneficiaries when these practices are applied to instruction, technology, physical spaces and student services. It explores research-based and promising practices for preparing students with disabilities for success and for making postsecondary and educational products and environments welcoming to, accessible to, and usable by all students with a variety of characteristics that include those related to gender, race, ethnicity, culture, first language, age, learning style, ability, and disability.

CDS Offers Course in Disability History and Culture

Mon, 20 Oct 2014
Overview to the history of disability from a disability studies perspective, a multidisciplinary and global approach to studying disability perspectives, focused on personal and collective responses to difference(s) based on disability.