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Student Services Coordinator

Student Services Coordinator

Approximately 273 Students Services Coordinators (SSCs) were hired to serve as a catalyst for bringing together school-based resources with targeted community resources. SSC's coordinated resources to implement a system which addressed barriers to learning-- ensuring all students an equal opportunity to achieve at school.

"This training really helped me to network with other SSCs statewide, to create a community of learners that bounce ideas off each other. Now I feel comfortable that others are dealing with the same challenges I am."

- SSC, Oahu

The Center on Disability Studies in partnership with the Department of Education and Hawaii Families as Allies created the Interdisciplinary Disability and Diversity Studies Certificate Program for Student Services Coordinators. This Certificate Program, under the auspices of the State Improvement Grant (SIG) was designed to provide Department of Education Student Services Coordinators (SSC's) with interdisciplinary leadership and skills training to effectively implement the Comprehensive Student Support (CSSS) within Hawaii public schools so all students have an equal opportunity to achieve at school.

Program Benefits

  • Gained skill to coordinate more meaningful parent involvement
  • Strengthened leadership skills that support their role as a team facilitator and resource coordinator
  • Are better able to identify and evaluate stages of team development
  • Learned additional strategies to facilitate team development and management
  • Gained an understanding and skills to support the principles of family-centered care in a team setting
  • Learned to work effectively using the team development process to create a meaningful and relevant project