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Photo: Students at Ka Pilina Math camp

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Pohnpei Community Learning Centers Consortium

Pohnpei Community Learning Centers Consortium is a three-year project in collaboration among schools in the Pohnpei State of the Federated States of Micronesia. The project focuses on students in early adolescence while involving all other segments of the community. The project is developing safe and healthy activities outside school hours to improve literacy and other academic skills for recreation and cultural growth. Activities are based in the elementary schools (K-8) and Bailey Olter High School, with participation by local social service agencies, businesses and numerous individual community members. Activities take place before and after school, during the week, on Saturdays and in the summer months. The activities fit into overlapping themes with a major focus on the development of literacy through visual and performing arts and technology. The POI project at the University of Hawaiëi Center on Disability Studies supports the coordination, evaluation and training of community volunteers. Goals include outcomes related to increasing academic performance, school attendance and participation, inclusion of children and adults with disabilities and community-wide reduction of violence and illegal or unhealthy use of drugs and alcohol. Activities include academic tutorials, cultural activities, homework support and internet cafes. The advisory committee is comprised of parents, Department of Education administrators, principals, traditional leaders and community members who reviewed application and selected the eight schools in year one.

Team Members
  • Dotty Kelly, M.A., Project Director
  • Jessica Lundblad, M.S., Site Coordinator
Project Funding
Funding Agency: 
Elementary and Secondary Education