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New Beginnings for English Language Learners

 NB-ELL Project

New Beginnings for English Language Learners (NB-ELL) develops, provides, and evaluates high-quality PD activities that result in improved academic achievement with enhanced English skills and motivation of ELL students, but with a focus on Science, Technology, and Math education. NB-ELL is built on lessons learned from the PD courses ELL-ACE has developed and offered since fall 2007. NB-ELL also takes steps to include state-of-the-art technology to provide individualized differentiated instruction to enhance ELL students’ writing skills with meta-cognitive strategies across the content areas, and to develop cross-cultural understanding to help in-service teachers become more effective in teaching ELLs.

Team Members
  • Dr. Caryl Hitchcock, PhD, PI, Director
  • Dr. Chuan Chang Chinn, PhD, Co-PI, Evaluator
  • Ms. Loryn Gum, MEd, Coordinator
  • Ms. Mautumua Porotesano, MEd, Instructor
  • Ms. Cheryl Corbiell, MCS, Instructor
  • Ms. Jennifer Holdway, MA, Instructor
  • Ms. Lauren Nishimura, MA, Project Assistant
  • Ms. Bhonna Gaspar, MEd, Instructor
  • Ms. Juana Tabali-Weir, BA, Administrative Assistant
Project Dates
Project Start Date: 
September, 2011
Project End Date: 
March, 2017
Project Funding
Funding Agency: 
US DOE Office of English Language Acquisition
Primary Contact
Dr. Caryl Hitchcock
Principal Investigator
Secondary Contact
Ms. Loryn Gum