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Photo: Students at Ka Pilina Math camp

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Ne‘epapa Ka Hana Project

Ne‘epapa Ka Hana: Transforming STEM Education

Ne‘epapa Ka Hana (NKH) is a 3-year project awarded by the Department of Education, Native Hawaiian Education Act Program (Award # S362A140018). It is a technology-enabled training model to improve inclusive mathematics pedagogy. Forty percent of students nationally are falling behind in high school mathematics due to poor preparation in 8th grade mathematics. Studies have shown that success at this level has a direct effect on students pursuing STEM education and has also been proven to be an excellent predictor of college entrance. For these reasons, our model aims at increasing engagement and achievement of 8th grade students in mathematics: attitudes and persistence, 21st century learning (thinking deeper allied with a savvy technology interaction), and confident mathematics proficiency. These goals will be reached by developing and testing original (i.e., socially and culturally responsive) problem-based learning strategies. Implementation is supported by ongoing professional development for mathematics teachers and online collaborative learning network for all students. Ne‘epapa Ka Hana being in touch with local culture, Native Hawaiian students are its frame of reference.

Team Members
Project Dates
Project Start Date: 
September, 2014
Project End Date: 
August, 2017
Project Funding
Funding Agency: 
US DOE Native Hawaiian Education Program
Primary Contact
Dr. Kelly Roberts
Principal Invesigator
Secondary Contact
Dr. Kaveh Abhari
Co- Principal Invesigator