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Hawaiʻi State Improvement Grant (SIG)


The Hawaiʻi State Improvement Grant began in January 1999, with a focus upon assisting and supporting the Hawaiʻi State Department of Education's efforts to reach a number of training and information provision benchmarks under the Felix Consent Decree. The goals of the State Improvement Grant were: to increase statewide capacity to foster high standards and produce quality school-wide services and supports to children with disabilities; to improve service integration and student transitions supporting improved learning and performance by children with disabilities; to improve statewide capacity for accountability for measurement of student progress and results by addressing access and participation; and to increase capacity of parents of children with disabilities and others to participate in system change processes and the delivery of services for children with disabilities.

Project Dates
Project Start Date: 
January, 1999
Project End Date: 
December, 2003
Project Funding
Funding Agency: 
US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs