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American Samoa Partnerships

The American Samoa Personnel Preparation Project is designed to meet the personnel training requirements of the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) in American Samoa. The American Samoa Department of Education, Special Education Division, collaborates with the UH Center on Disability Studies to deliver undergraduate, graduate courses, in-service training, and technical assistance activities with special and regular education personnel in American Samoa.

Teacher preparation and development includes required university special education coursework for dual certification students enrolled in the American Samoa Cohort Teacher Training Program. These courses are available to both general and special education teacher candidates. A broad spectrum of in-service training is provided on special education requirements and provisions; classroom curriculum and instruction; strategies and specialized supports for teachers of children with physical, cognitive, communication, motor and sensory disorders and disabilities; and, best practices in inclusion settings. University courses, teacher training and in-services are provided through video conferencing, telecommunication, on-line and traditional classroom settings.

  • University teacher training program that offers a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education with dual certification in Special Education.
  • Teacher certification in areas such as speech and language, learning disabilities, behavioral interventions, response to intervention, deaf education, vision impairments, transition, and assessment.
Team Members
  • Kate Moran Ph.D.
  • Victoria Pratt