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Transitioning Individuals to the Community

Submitted by genesisl on Sep 12, 2017
September 13, 2017
By: Lisa Maetani, and Christy Nishita,
In Hawaii, there are patients living in hospitals and other institutional settings who prefer to live in the community. They may be unaware of their options, or don’t have housing or family. Nevertheless, federal long-term care policy directions support the rights and preferences of individuals with disabilities to live in community-based settings. The Going Home Plus (GHP) project helps individuals who have been living in hospitals, nursing facilities, and ICF/ID facilities move back into the community.
The project benefits older adults, younger persons with disabilities, and persons with developmental or intellectual disabilities. For those residents who choose to live in the community, the GHP project will assist in finding housing and provide needed services (for example, help with cooking and bathing).
Finding housing can be difficult. In Hawaii, affordable housing is limited and the waitlists for public housing or Section 8 vouchers are long. The GHP housing specialist conducts extensive outreach and forms relationships with housing authorities and property managers in order to know about vacancies and openings on a timely basis. Working closely with the health plans and housing property managers, GHP has been able to successfully transition over 500 individuals from facilities to the community since 2008. We are proud to share some of the project’s success stories through quotes and photos of our participants.participate in your plans to make your dream a reality. Never give up! – Mr. Rocky
GHP_Participant001“I don’t want to be sick and thought I was going to pass away over there (nursing facility). I want to be healthy and visit friends and show everybody I’m still alive! I feel better. When I came out of the hospital, I tried to do my own stuff. I shower myself, I cook, exercise every day. I lost 61 pounds. I can go shopping when I want to. We go down to do the laundry. I’m very happy.”
GHP_Participant002“Be independent. Do things for self and not depend on others. I know what I need. Everything is perfect! I do what I like, I go where I like. I enjoy life! If I die, I will die happy. I’m 100% better than where I was.” In sharing about the Going Home Plus project, he replied, “real good. When I ask for help, they were there to help. Was not told you no can do this, you no can do that. You listen.”
GHP_Participant003Have the courage to confront your fears. Be inspired to transform challenges into opportunities and possibilities. Live the life you want to live. Build supports around you to achieve your dreams. Have a voice and participate in your plans to make your dream a reality. Never give up! – Mr. Rocky
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The Going Home Plus (GHP) project is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration grant through June 30, 2020. The project is a partnership between the Hawaii Department of Human Services Med-Quest Division and the University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies.
Christy Nishita, Associate Specialist, UH Center on Disability Studies
Lisa Maetani, Junior Specialist, UH Center on Disability Studies
Madi Silverman, Project Director, DHS Med-Quest Division