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CDS Response to Questions from COE’s Strategic Planning Committee

Nov 16, 2018

CDS has 30 plus years of doing applied research. It works within a real-world context in every project – with educators, parents, students, employers, direct care workers, state agency officials and personnel, legislators, and community leaders. This engagement within these contexts gives it direct access to diverse and targeted audiences with opportunities to access their input, provide both pre-service and in-service training, and provide technical assistance on evidence-based practices. Last year CDS provided training and TA to 14,246 participants, and engaged in 184 community-based training and TA activities. Also last year CDS reached 7,632 students in Hawaii and Outer Pacific Basin classrooms. The over-arching goals and outcomes for CDS are to build capacity among varied audiences to assist and serve people with disabilities in effective ways and to assist policymakers to bring about positive systemic change that benefits individuals with disabilities and their families.

Why Hawaii Needs to Mandate Visitability in New Housing…Now!

Dec 11, 2017

In Hawaii, many people with mobility challenges who use wheelchairs, scooters, canes, or walkers face extreme difficulties in finding housing that is both affordable and accessible.In interviews conducted by a CDS research team, one wheelchair user recalled moving to Honolulu where it took about three months and checking about 100 rentals before he could obtain one of the three or four units that were accessible....

Building a Parent Community

Nov 6, 2017

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful and rewarding roles one can have in a lifetime. Parents have the amazing opportunity to mold, nurture, protect and lead the path for their children. They are are world changers, magic makers, and super heroes! They scare the monsters away, kiss boo boos, wipe runny noses, and give the best hugs and snuggles. This job is 24/7. Parents can’t call in sick and they are always on call.  The pressure of juggling work, a social life, and making sure to keep this tiny human alive can be a bit much at times.

In response to Luke’s Law

Oct 30, 2017

Hawai‘i became the 42nd state to pass autism insurance reform under Luke’s Law in the 2015 legislative session. Effective 1/1/2016, children with ASD have better options for receiving quality services and treatment to help them thrive and lead healthier lives. The law now requires most medical insurance in Hawai‘i to pay for necessary ASD healthcare services such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Inclusive or Universal?

Oct 23, 2017

At the recent Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity, we had the pleasure of talking with Kat Holmes, former Director of Inclusive Design at Microsoft. She spoke on the topic of inclusion as a way for organizations to address consumer diversity when designing products and services. Can a small homogeneous group of designers really create a generic universally-acceptable template for all users? Is universal design, or one-size fits all, the best approach for an inclusive environment? What’s the difference and why should we care?

Transitioning Individuals to the Community

Sep 12, 2017

In Hawaii, there are patients living in hospitals and other institutional settings who prefer to live in the community. They may be unaware of their options, or don’t have housing or family. Nevertheless, federal long-term care policy directions support the rights and preferences of individuals with disabilities to live in community-based settings. The Going Home Plus (GHP) project helps individuals who have been living in hospitals, nursing facilities, and ICF/ID facilities move back into the community.

CrossFit - An Unlikely Showcase of (Dis)ability

Aug 31, 2017

CrossFit defines itself as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” Unfamiliar with CrossFit? Check out this video, Let Me Tell You About CrossFit, for quick introduction. People generally feel intimidated at the thought of CrossFit, deeming it too difficult, too scary, or too dangerous. Regardless of your opinion of CrossFit, one thing is undeniable: CrossFit is, however unlikely, showcasing the social model of disability.

Epilepsy Awareness, a Personal Story

Aug 16, 2017

Thirty six year old Noa is completely functional. He eats, drinks, and bathes himself; holds a conversation; takes his meds; reads the newspaper; and has an opinion. No problem. So Kila was happy to oblige when his aunty asked him to stay with Noa and his 8 year old nephew while she went on a day trip to O‘ahu to bring her grandchildren to Maui for a visit.

A Connectivist Approach to Inclusive and Socially Responsible Education

Aug 10, 2017

CDS’s STEMD2 R&D Group1 has developed and tested a set of integrated strategies for improving inclusive and socially responsible education. These strategies draw from a connectivist approach to problem-based learning (PBL) and set a foundation for a new inclusive instructional-model supporting all learners...

5 Things We Want You To Know: An Open Letter To Educators and Parents of Young Children

Aug 2, 2017

Dearest Educators and Parents of young children,

First, thank you. Thank you for the countless hours and energy nurturing and teaching your students and children. Thank you for showing them the way, through your example and care. They are watching, even if it may not seem like it at times. It may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but we find it amazing how you still find the bright spots in the darkest of days. Thank you for wiping away those tears, brushing off those skinned knees after a tumble, and putting on those superhero capes… and yes, doing these things for the youngsters in your life as well. Thank you for taking care of you so that you can take care care of the keiki. Make no doubt about it, you are miracle workers. You don’t only make a difference, you make The Difference. Every single day, you make magic happen. Every single day, you have the potential to change the world. We are so grateful for you!