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The University Coordinating Council (UCC)

The University Coordinating Council (UCC) is an internal university partnership that assures CDS programs are responsive to national initiatives and the university’s academic program objectives. UCC membership consists of representatives from departments, colleges, and programs at the University of Hawai‘i, which interface with training and research activities focused upon persons with disabilities and their families. The UCC meets bi-annually and supports the recruitment for and expansion of the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies and other CDS coursework.

UCC Members: 2016-2017

  • Megan Conway, Chair, Center on Disability Studies
  • Vrinda Dalmiya, Philosophy
  • Barbara DeBaryshe, CTAHR/Center on the Family
  • Katharina Heyer, Political Science
  • Seunghye Hong, Social Work
  • Louise Iwaishi, Jabson, Pediatrician/MCH LEND
  • Christina Keaulana, Teacher Education Program, Leeward Community College,
  • Pat Masters, Student Excellence Equity Diversity (SEED)
  • Jeff Okamoto, Jabson, Pediatrician/MCH LEND
  • Brett Oppegaard, Communications
  • Kathryn Yamamoto, Rehabilitation Counseling